Road Usage Charge

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Virginia’s Mileage Choice Program

Virginia’s Mileage Choice Program is a voluntary option for drivers of eligible vehicles to pay their highway use fee on a per-mile basis in lieu of an annual highway use fee at the time of registration renewal. You only pay for the miles you drive, so if you drive less, you pay less. And, if you end up driving a little more, you never pay more than your annual highway use fee.

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Utah’s Road Usage Charge Program

Utah’s Road Usage Charge Program is voluntary for electric and hybrid vehicle owners. UDOT and DMV have contracted with emovis to operate the program. The choice is yours.

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Washington Road Usage Charge Pilot Project

Washington’s Road Usage Charge Pilot Project will demonstrate a system in which drivers pay by the mile, potentially a more stable source of revenue for road funding.

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Oregon Road Usage Charging Program

OReGO is the Oregon Department of Transportation’s new road charge program – designed so you pay by the mile instead of by the gallon.

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California Road Charge Pilot Program

The California Road Charge Pilot is a 9-month field trial that officially launched on July 1, 2016.

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