Oregon Road Usage Charging Program

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What is a road charge?

A road charge is a system where all drivers pay to maintain the roads based on how much they drive, rather than how much gas they consume.

What is OReGO, Oregon’s Road Usage Charge Program?

Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), mandated by the passage of Senate Bill 810 in 2013, created a road usage charge program to assess a per-mile charge to drivers who volunteer to participate. The program is limited to a maximum of 5,000 passenger vehicles. Volunteers still pay state fuel tax at the pump. A fuel tax credit is automatically applied toward their road usage charge invoices. In the end, OReGO volunteers are only responsible for the road usage charge of 1.5 cents per mile.

Do OReGO volunteers pay road usage charge on top of the fuel tax they already pay?

No. The road usage charge program is designed to replace the state fuel tax for volunteer drivers that participate in the program. Account managers credit state fuel tax as a prepayment on the road usage charge invoice. Try our online calculator to estimate the net balance for your vehicle.

Where can I learn more about OReGO, Oregon’s Road Usage Charge Program?

To learn more about the OReGO program, visit www.myorego.org