Distraction Free Driving.

Discover the Ultimate Connected Car Experience.
A Safer Solution for In-Car Texting and Infotainment.
Completely Voice-Powered with "Tap & Talk" Technology.


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Minimizes visible distractions, speak naturally with easy to use tap-and-talk voice-interaction so you can play music, Tweet, talk, text, email, and update your Facebook more safely while driving.

Driver-Centric Interface

Simple and intuitive interface is designed exclusively for drivers for in-car use. Keeps drivers focused and in control when accessing communications, phone calls and entertainment while driving.

Social Network for Drivers

Share your location in real-time with your family and friends or see what they’re up to.

Smart Burst Technology

The best in-car solution for texting. Enables drivers to send and receive text messages the way they would naturally talk.

Internet Radio

Access your favorite Internet radio stations naturally and quickly using easy to remember voice-tag nicknames.

Smart Music Play

Navigate and play the music stored on your phone using your voice while staying connected to all other features and services.

User Testimonials from DriveSync’s Infotainment Community

"I can't say there are a lot of apps out there I actually use, but this one definitely has some merit!"

"It is amazing how well the voice commands work. The interface only takes a few minutes to figure out!"

"Good app. 5/5, would use again."

"I use it daily to listen to music and to interact with friends while on the road."

"Recognizer works great! Gets even the foreign names!"

Distraction-Free Driving with Tap and Talk Technology

Natural and Easy-to-use Voice-powered Interaction

Send and receive text messages and email, listen to Internet radio, and interact with social networks all by voice.

Please take a second to share DriveSync Infotainment with the world,
together we can enjoy a hands-free alternative for in-car texting and infotainment.

Intuitive Driver-Centric Interface

DriveSync Infotainment’s simple and intuitive interface is designed exclusively for drivers for in-car use.

You will be able to clearly navigate and see only important content on your phone’s screen minimizing visible distraction, additionally you can use quick touch controls to access DriveSync connected car features as a backup to voice commands.

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DriveSync Location Sharing

Make Meetups Easy with the DriveSync Infotainment Social Network for Drivers

The MyDriveSync Community lets you share your location in real-time with your family and friends or see what they’re up to.
Custom permissions settings keep you in control of what you share and who you share it with.

Texting Hands-free with Smart Burst Technology

Easily share your thoughts and experiences with your connections while remaining focused on the road.

No more reaching for your phone in-order to make sense of a conversation, Smart Burst Technology intuitively reads your text messages out loud in real time and in the right natural order adding real context to your conversation.

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Internet Radio at It’s Best

Listen to the best internet radio stations from around the world right from your phone.

Search or browse various online radio stations or hand pick your favorite! With easy to remember voice-tag nicknames specifically designed for in-vehicle use, selecting your favorite station is now safer and quicker.

Say It to Play It, Experience Smart Music Play

Scrolling through a playlists with your hands on your phone impairs driving performance and is dangerous. With DriveSync Infotainment you can easily play music you love without ever having to take your focus off the road.

Search for any song or artist stored on your smartphone using your voice while still staying connected to all other features and services.

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Additional Features Include

Experience Smart Notifications

DriveSync Infotainment’s smart notifications give you the right information at the right time, and removes the distraction of always having to check to see what’s new.  Whether you’re listening to music or composing an email, DriveSync connected car technology lets you know when you get a call, a new text, a new email, and even when your friends hit the road.  It’s also smart enough to know whether it should interrupt you or wait until you’re finished doing something.

Everything You Need In One Single Interface

You should never need to lose focus on the road trying to access information or search for a song.  Flow smoothly and seamlessly between a wide variety of DriveSync Infotainment services and features, like texts, calls, real-time notifications and music – all from within a single connected car interface.

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